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Yoshio Nozaki, CEO

Yoshio Nozaki, CEO

April 1988

joined Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank as sales representative in domestic and international real estate

April 2002

temporarily transferred to Economic Affairs Bureau, the Ministry of Construction (current MLIT)

June 2002

purchased investment properties, representing Simplex Investment Advisors Inc. (SIA), Tokyo, as a founding member of the company

Representing SIA, Mr. Nozaki arranged funds with a total asset value of JPY800 billion, executing various JPY-200-billion/year-worth investments in office buildings, commercial facilities, residences, golf courses, and parking lots. Mr. Nozaki also supervised numerous equity financing, loan arrangements, and acquisitions of properties as an operating officer/general-manager of investment division.

November 2007

Representative Director of Simplex REIT Partners Inc.

December 2009

purchased Mitsukoshi Ikebukuro property (current Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. flagship store) with Yamada Denki Co, Ltd.

March 2011

President and CEO of Act Real Estate Co., Ltd.

March 2012

Chairman of Act Real Estate Co., Ltd. (to present)

March 2012

President and CEO of NY Trust Asset Management Co., Ltd.

December 2015

President and CEO of NYT INVESTMENT PARTNERS CO., LTD.(to present)

Yoshinori Yomota, Chairman of the Board

Shinichi Kumagai, Director

Tomihiro Yamaguchi, Director


Nobuhiko Tachikawa, Compliance Officer

Toshio Morimoto, Engineering Officer